12 stereo surgery mistakes






12 stereo surgery mistake(maqueta, mayo 1989)


– A – (cara titulada Marble wave)

  1. Cruella Devil
  2. Tell me the secret
  3. Run around, do my pillow
  4. I need somebody
  5. (Feedback) the iron need
  6. Jimi, Jimi
  7. The voice of the sax

– B – (cara titulada Built on fire)

  1. Yellow telephone
  2. Desert in the girl
  3. Morisco (Luis Buñuel)
  4. X member
  5. Look out
  6. Fame of glory (Por on opium) part II


Dean James: Guitar
Moon Jesus Cool: Drums
Deaf Joe: Vocals
Johny Frampton: Bass
Louise Reed: Organ
Yvonne De Charlene: Viola
Rufus The Singing Dog.

Grabada en cuatro pistas entre abril y mayo de 1989 en el domicilio de Jon Zamarripa.



She’s got the thung that makes you shake off, pure lust. She’s a queen. Her viper tongue tastes like a whip. If you never pleased her she wouldn’t care to burn you in ash, no forgive, no forget, no regrets, just mind a change, as she says, you’re nothin’ just to care about, so, burn out! She’s a withc makin’ you dance under her perfect feet and I’m the slave who ruined his life for Cruella Devil. As she says, I’m nothin’ just to care about, so watch out! And I move like a puppet on the strings, her heart is cool and she’s cruel. Runaway to my heart! I’m under control! She’s so cruel! She’s the sitch makin’ you dance under her perfect feet and I’m the one who sild his soul for Cruella Devil, yes I sold my soul for Cruella Devil, I’m drunk, I’m ruined for Cruella Devil, oh please, don’t hurt me again! Oh cruel! Cruel! Cruel! Cruel! Curella Devil.


Tell me, tell me, tell me the secret, tell me what you hide. Tell me, tell me, tell me the secret or I’ll try to guess it. Behind your snake smile, I’ll seek the eyes, those reptile eyes. Tell me your secret rock’n’roll, you keep it so deep into your soul. Tell me your secret rock’n’roll, you keep it so deep, guess it. Behind your snake smile, I’ll seek the eyes, Jean Genie’s eyes. Don’t stare the eyes, they’re bleeding, the smile will bite with poison, it will take your life. Rock’n’roll is good for your soul.


Run around, do my pillow, suckin’ down the guitar strings, a town, do you understand? and the clock alarm’s exploding’ in my head just to wake me again. Run around, do my pillow. Hey you, shut the door, sweet reverb in my dream, I’m so used to you softenin’ my brain, my throbbin’ nerves come runnin’ hard just like the midnight train, this town and that down the midnight train, baby understand, and my brain gets switched on, showin’ those things that ain’t good and the clock alarm’s explodin’ in my head just to wake me again.

I NEED SOMEBODY (no incluida, original de Stooges).


Just watchin’ your dream in the broad, broad TV screen 3, 2, 1 steps feed the iron need, never look back… Never look back as you walk down the streets, never look back, you just feed back the need, ket’s listen to the traffic speech, our aural bones will grow the sonic seeds. Let’s shout and join the expressway underground, the voice and noise twistin’ through the bones, let’s feed our iron need, 3, 2, 1 steps you count down in your head oh, again and again and again and you can’t help your subway smile to stay just watchin’ your dream.


Jimi, Jimi shakes down his life on the strings of voice and guitar strings, Jimi, Jimi, Kill city ain’t that bad place for fun, foxy ladies and dumb boys, consolation prize keeps falling. Voodoo childs still so wild and the idiot lust for life burns. Jimi, Jimi, gimme danger, Jimi, Jimi, heart of stone, raw power in a dirty TV eye. He rolls, he rolls, he so… Lightin’ flames; electric storm can feel the sound of the scream. Black boys in several skins tastin’ danger in their minds, with the soul life of a ghost, keepin’ time… breakin’ bones in the mad dance, keepin’ time, to the land of run and drink, Jimi, Jimi don’t watch so, Jimi, Jimi, don’t go so.


So you wanna me to be your slave, you’ll have to put me chains, my jail is in your brain. She’s wrong tryin’ to tie me. She’s wrong hard to manage. She’s wrong it’s hard to manage me. She’s like the voice of the sax, buildin’ a thick wall of brass, get’s deeper as I try to pass, get’s deeper cause she’s wrong…


Call me with your yellow telephone, seek me under the stone and the river even cries when the ship’s a ship of fools. You tell me you’re alone, but your telephone’s so hot. Fever! red, red fever!… and I get so high. Call me, tonight’s there’s nobody at home. Hate me with your feels of crazy fool, the river cries when the ship’s a ship of fools. You tell me you’re alone but your telephone’s so hot. Fever! red, red fever!… and I get so high. My heart flames with gasoline, red as fever in my dreams, can’t get enough with you… Fever! red, red fever!


You take my life away, a starin’ side under the sea. I don’t like lobotomy. I don’t dance december so down the sand I excite you, we’ll hear the light in the street, I’m satisfied, inside the light of the street, don’t talk so through me. Oh, I got terror to the scene, I can’t tell you what I mean, sometimes you’re worse than my show, there’s nothing to do. We’ll hear the light in the street, I’m stasified, inside the lobotomy, inside out, for me. We’ll hear the light in the street, I’m satisfied, your stomach’s open for me. It’s shining, it does, oh Charlene, it does. You take my life away. Always the sound can be heard fine it makes a shock in my mind, honey nobody can seek just the tool too loud to bleed with the crying of the spike, it will let you so fine, I don’t see no naturally like the chills when tuchin’, inside out your eyes are closed/open. Oh Charlene!


Don’t put out your stormy face. Let your image be sedated. Pull the pills under your tongue. Hold the gin with shakey hand until the lady can walk. She maybe walk with me. But tonight I wanna be so right, you’ll have to be the answer to my dude. I’m so low babe. I’m coming strong. Got Andalucia. Out the summer’s gone.


Haunted* by the snake, so drown into the dream ain’t got time to sin, just the echo looped in my tape ready to be played, a stereo wind blows my face and the girl come so real, golden chain and good career wishin she was near…



*Seguramente es aquí donde nace el juego hunted / haunted de Hunted by the snake. En un principio la letra original contiene la palabra haunted, que posteriormente sería sustituida por hunted.

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