Reseña de ‘Hunted by the snake’ en Bucketful of Brains n.º 34 (junio 1990)

El fanzine británico Bucketful of Brains elogiaba el debut de Cancer Moon desde las páginas de su n.º 34…


EUROPEANS: It’s rare to recommend a Spanish band, but CANCER MOON‘s «Hunted By The Snake» (Polar Records PLP 001, LP) is great. The band is best described as a one-guitar version of Thin White Rope, they even have a song called «Desert In The Girl». Hard, dark & well laced with feedback – try «Call It Fear» or «Yellow Telephone» for size. Seething 6-string courtesy of Jon Zamarripa & Kyser-esque vocals by Jose Anitua; and fear not; your pals will never guess it isn’t a US band! (Contact: Promocion Y Marketing Discografico SA, Bailen 71, 08009 Barcelona).

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